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Lam Ha resort is a beautiful hotel located 100m from the beach and 4km to the Center. The bungalows are neatly under shady palm trees and the building rooms are modern style.
Encircling our large around 145m2 swimming pool, which waters are sourced from Phu Quoc’s natural aquifers. Giving our guest a taste of paradise, characteristic of the pearl Island.


The resort features 64 rooms which can be arranged to accommodate varying number of occupants.


Our Sea view terrace buffet restaurant gives our guest the perfect opportunity to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. Our restaurant provide a diverse menu to catering for Asian and European taste, whilst utilizing Phu Quoc’s indispensible local seafood. Combine this with highly trained , friendly and enthusiastic staff, committed to giving our guest an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Guest Comments

  • Nằm trong khách sạn, bao gồm bungalow, để thuận tiện và rẻ thì cần thiết để thuê một chiếc xe đạp. Đi bộ đến chợ đêm là xa . Resort rất yên tĩnh, tất cả được bao quanh bởi cây xanh. Các phòng được thay đổi khăn hàng ngày.

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