Lam Ha Restaurant

Dinning & Entertainment


Lam Ha restaurants always give you a varied menu flavored Asian and European, while using local seafood and dishes are indispensable at Phu Quoc. With the well-trained employees, friendly and enthusiastic, Lam Ha commits that you will get an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Spa Treatment

Lam SPA is a perfection mixing modern concepts and local culture.

Exhale your senses in a natural ambience in our spa area overlooking the immensity of orchid gardens. The relaxing background melody will soften you as Traditional Vietnamese Body Massage, Thai Traditional Body Massage, or Beauty Therapy.

The wide selection of our traditional and modern technical performed by our experienced hands of our therapists with organic and natural products will complete the unwind experience in our resort.

Open hours: from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm